Why Interior Design???

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It's interesting who you meet at the gym...

When I finished studying I worked in marketing in the hotel industry for 5 years. Working for the Marriott and Mirvac chains creating their brochures and their marketing campaigns. However as time went by creatively this was not enough for me and I needed more....

I left hotels and started to work as a personal trainer for Frankie at his gym in Double Bay, until I could decide where I wanted go and what I wanted to do.

Frankie was training an Interior Designer at the time who was looking for a Personal Assistant and this is where my world of interiors began and has now been my life for the past 18 years.

Before I knew it the following Monday I was working for him and from my very first day I knew I was going to love it. I kept working mornings and nights at the gym to help Frankie and worked at the interiors office during the day.

A career begins...

This was when what I call my Interior Design apprenticeship began. I became a sponge and learnt so much over the next 7 years and will be forever grateful to my old boss.

When my second son Hugo was born I decided to start my own business as it was just getting too hard to juggle family life, a husband and working full time for someone else - I needed flexibility! So Denai Kulcsar Interiors began and is now entering its 11th year and going well.

Going to work for me is not a chore. I love what I do, it is not only my job but also my passion. However like every job it does have its moments. It can be very demanding at times, there are even days when the toilet and lunch are forgotten due to lack of time!

Interior Design sounds so glamorous, but...

There was one day when I was heading to a client and the back of my car wasn't shut properly so everything flew out, I was stopping traffic on Old South Head Rd in Rose Bay picking everything up.... When I finally got to the presentation the client asked why the fabric had tyre marks on it and the tiles were smashed! 

Another time, I found myself searching through bins looking for suppliers stock books that I had borrowed to show a client. Finally realising they had been thrown out accidentally by the cleaner - oops! We were in a frenzy you could say.


Happy at Work

Every day is different, there is no time to get bored.  Some days I am in the office, meeting with architects, on building sites, meeting with clients or out shopping for furniture, fabrics, styling and doing installations. There can be a little travel at times too which is good.

Being an Interior Designer has been a great chosen career for me. I have loved gorgeous things since I was a little girl (I even chose bold apple green floral wallpaper and a 4 poster bed growing up).

I now spend my days being surrounded by beautiful things and creating beautiful homes which I love!