Beauty Bloopers

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Have you ever made a decision to have a beauty treatment done, or procedure that has gone terribly wrong!!!

Well....if you have read my blog you would have read how much I love my beauty regime.  I go to my beauty therapist every four weeks without fail and have done for 22 years.  

I was once told by a very wise man you can always put clothes on but you can’t wear a paper bag over your head to hide your face.

When I was about 25 I was on a holiday on the Gold Coast.  The latest trend was to have your eyelashes permed – yes permed. My cousin had hers done and they looked amazing. I of course was obsessed and wanted mine done.

I’d had my hair permed a number of times so thought my eyelashes would be no different.  They put tiny little rollers on my lashes, popped the solution on and 15 minutes later I was done.  I thought I looked beautiful when I left the salon with my curled lashes.

But...... the thing I didn’t think about was my allergy prone body!!!  Straight away as I walked down the street my eyes started to burn.  I said to Frankie "quick get me back to the hotel I need ice packs something is wrong", my eyes were burning and stinging.

To cut a long story short I had a terrible allergic reaction to the perming solution, I ended up at an eye specialist for the next 6 months.  I had burnt the top layer off my eye. 

The eye specialist could not believe what I had done he said "you did what????  Had your eye lashes permed".  He had never heard of such a thing and thought I was completely mad. Imagine a grey haired man with a coloured bow tie looking at you over his glasses??? It makes me laugh now.

I stuck to my less invasive beauty regime after the lashes incident for some time, well until I turned 39 - I was too scared to try anything new. 

After years of waxing my top lip I noticed I was getting little wrinkles along the top. I decided to go and see a cosmetic doctor to see if anything could be done.   I like to wear coloured lipstick but it would bleed into the lines and I looked like my 96 year old grandmother.

The cosmetic doctor told me if she put a very small amount of “filler” into the top lip line it would fix the problem.  I told her I didn't want to make my lips any bigger as they were big enough, I just wanted the lines to go away and to stay natural looking.

I also informed her of my allergy prone body, she had never heard of anyone having a reaction to filler!!!

So off I went and had a very small amount of filler put in my top lip line.  At first the lip looked amazing and the lines disappeared – no more bleeding lipstick  - I was so happy.

Then.......after a few months my body started to reject the filler and my lips puffed up like Marge Simpson as my brother called me.  I walked into a room and he said “what the hell happened to your lips Marge”.  I was beside myself. 

My family could not stop laughing at me.  Sadly I had to have the procedure reversed as my body for some reason didn’t like it and had started to reject the product - in other words I was having a reaction to it.

Beauty Bloopers Denai Lips PM.jpg

So for me from now on it is just my natural beauty regime every four weeks for the rest of my life - which I am happy with.

Have you had a procedure that didn't quite turn out the way it was meant to?

Denai xx