A Mother.........Goes on Strike!!!

Firstly just to give you a little background into who lives in my house.

Me 41, husband 43,  2 x sons – 13 and 10, 1 x daughter 8.

My home is my pride and joy and has always been my sanctuary which I make very clear to my family. 

Frankie and I have been married for nearly 18 years and together for 25 years.  He knows what I expect when it comes to house tidiness and basic cleaning.

When we first started living together he would come home from work, take his clothes and shoes off and leave them all over the house.  I of course didn’t like this and he learnt very quickly after I threw them (a few times) off the balcony to pick up after himself.  He would arrive home to find them all over the footpath.  Our neighbours Brian and Mary who lived in the apartment below would pop their heads out as I was tossing them and say “Frankie in trouble again”.

Dishes not done.....

Dishes not done.....

Last Friday night I arrived home late from work.  The 3 boys were laying on the sofa waiting for me so we could go to rugby.  School bags had been dumped at the kitchen bench, school clothes lying all over the floor and the house was just a mess. 

Soooo...... I lost it internally and decided to go on STRIKE and see if anyone noticed. 

Friday night is always pizza night which we pick up on our way home from football.  We all ate dinner then I got up and went straight to bed.

The next morning there was still pizza on the bench, the dishes had not been done and this went on for the rest of the day. No one, not even Frankie had noticed the kitchen or the house, which was slowly getting very messy and smelly.

Sunday morning I went for a walk with my girlfriend.  She walked in and looked around the house, she then asked me if I was ok or was I having a nervous breakdown – she had never seen my house in such a state. 

It all finally got too much for Sienna she burst into tears and started screaming at her brothers.  I had briefed her on what I was doing.  Sienna is like me and can’t stand a messy house.  She kept asking me how long was this going to go on for.  But...Sunday morning when the pizza from Friday night was still on the bench, the sink was full, school bags still not unpacked and in the kitchen she also lost it.  She made Frankie get out of bed and told him and her brothers that the house was a disgrace and they had not even noticed that I was on strike.

Bed not made.....

Bed not made.....

When I returned from my walk they had tried to tidy a little.  The pizza had finally been thrown out and the kitchen was cleaned.  All the clothes had been put in the laundry and it did look more like a home.

That night I sat the 3 boys down and explained to them that Sienna and I were not their slaves – they were not the KINGS! There were going to be a few chores written out and from now on we were all responsible for keeping the house tidy and that we needed to be proud of our home. 

It will be interesting to see how long they abide by the new rules?????

Denai xx