Where is Jade?.................


I spent this weekend back at the farm with my mum and family.    

I decided to go for a walk into town on Saturday afternoon.  I walked past my old school, the church where Frankie and I got married and then past a beautiful old house called Lyndon House. 

Growing up Lyndon House was not so beautiful.  It was where people from the city were sent, drug and alcohol addicts.  Lyndon House was basically a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre where people came with their families to get better. 

From the age of 12-15 (until I went to boarding school) I was a member of “Minnie Vinnie’s”.  It was part of St Vincent De Paul, we would go and do services for the community during our lunch break at school.

Sometimes we would visit the old people’s home and help feed them or just have a chat.  My favourite was to visit Lyndon House and play with the children to give the parents a break.

This is where I met Jade. 

Jade was a little 4 year old curly haired blonde girl who fell in love with me and I fell just as much in love with her.

Her mother was pregnant with twins and had a drug problem.  She was sent to Lyndon House to get help and re-habilitate. 

Jade was a baby who was born addicted to heroin.  Her first few months in this world were very tough and had taken a toll on her little body.  She was four but only the size of a two year old.

Every Monday I would visit Jade even if it was not scheduled.  As I walked down the street I could see her curly blonde hair waiting for me at the gate.  Lyndon House was close to my school so she would hear the school bell ring and knew I would be coming.

Lyndon House

Lyndon House


We would play with her dolls, chat, play hairdressers, dress ups and just do things all little girls love to do.  Our bond became strong and she was very special to me.  I looked forward to my Monday visits just as much as she did.

Then.........one Monday as I walked down the street she was not waiting for me!!

I ran into Lyndon House to find out where she was.  Jade and her mother had been given weekend release, they went back to Sydney and her mother overdosed whilst there.

I was not given any more information from my supervisor only that Jade had been removed from her mother’s custody and was in Sydney.  My heart sank as I stood there shocked and heartbroken.

In a blink of an eye my beautiful little Jade had gone and I would never see her again.  I went back to school devastated and asked if I could go home.  That night I cried and cried to mum and dad.  They too had no answers for me but it was a massive life lesson for me in so many ways.

Nothing is forever.........enjoy every moment whilst you have it!

I can honestly say I was 15 then and I am now 41.   Not a week goes by that I don’t think about that little girl and wonder what happened to her.  I just pray that she found a family to love and adore her and keep her safe.

Denai xx

Where is Jade..........

Where is Jade..........