Manicures......and Friends!

OPI Polishes.....

OPI Polishes.....


Having my nails done is a weekly must

When it comes to my job creating/styling beautiful homes, I feel all Interior Designers should be groomed and look the part. I can’t turn up to my meetings with dirty chipped nails or re-growth!  Wearing nail polish is like putting perfume and jewellery on, its another accessory.

Every Friday I have my nails done. I have been going to the same place, Le's Nails in Double Bay for 12 years where my gorgeous girl Doi does my manicure.

Doi knows exactly how I like my nails, I don’t have to tell her what length, shape or even colour.  I just sit at my appointment and relax for 30 minutes.




But....of course as I am sure you have all started to learn I do love a chat.

One Friday I started chatting with the lady next to me, we instantly connected and have been chatting ever since. It's been four years now and I look forward to our catch ups. We have the same appointment time each week,  I don’t know any of her family nor does she know mine.  We only ever see each other when we're getting a manicure but have a great chat, cover all topics say goodbye and carry on for another week.

I have always said to my kids you should always keep your eyes and ears open at all times, listen because there is always something to learn.

For me on this occasion I just met a gorgeous lady with a beautiful heart who was interested in chatting to me.

Who said you can’t multi task whilst seeing your girlfriends!!

The result.....

The result.....


Current nail trends

There are so many nail trends at the moment including the stiletto, long and pointy. Metallic colours are also big, try Beyonce's Grammy look with OPI Glitzerland.

I'm a bit more practical and classic.  I prefer a short slightly square oval nail. I'm loving greys and reds this winter try Chanel Le Vernis in Garconne and the classic OPI Big Apple Red.

Healthy Nails

Keep your cuticles moisturised with a good oil or cream Essie apricot cuticle oil is a favourite. I'll even rub a bit of olive oil in while I'm cooking dinner! 

Use a good hand cream L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream is the best. Don't forget to have a pair of rubber gloves handy too.  I never put my hands in water without gloves on - this is very important.  Not only does it look after your hands and nails but also helps keep your nail polish on longer.

Denai xx