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Slim Aarons Kaufmann Desert House

Slim Aarons Kaufmann Desert House


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon during winter, Saturday sport had finished and I was sitting in our back courtyard enjoying the warm weather.

I'm lying there very relaxed when suddenly Frankie walks out in his underwear.  I asked "what are you doing" he said "cleaning the pool". I replied "for goodness sake put some clothes on you are going to scare the neighbours".

In true Frankie style he just laughed and said "you are lucky I have any clothes on at all".  He informed me that he was going to have a swim once he had finished........... yes in the middle of winter.  I was laughing at him but at the same time felt a little mortified. I kept looking to see if the neighbours were in their backyards!!

It did take me back to my childhood watching Frankie.  My Nan always said I married my grandfather.

Pop was exactly like Frankie - fitness mad.  Nan would joke and say he was more in love with the gym and his muscles rather than her.

Pop was the fittest man I have ever known.  He still had the best 6 pack at 84.  He was a gymnast, boxer, stuntman on water skies and pilot.

His body was like his temple especially his muscles and it was a known joke in our family.  Every week he would mow the lawn and loved his buffalo grass and edges.  To ensure his muscles were gorgeous and brown at all times he would mow the lawn in his Speedos! 

Nan would scream out the front door “Clive put some clothes on all the neighbours are looking at you”  he would respond, “no I need to tan the muscles”.  Us grandkids would laugh hysterically and tell Nan not to worry.

How times change, now I am the mortified one just like nan.

Pop would strut his stuff up and down the lawn in his Speedos, chat to the neighbours and enjoyed every minute of it.

These are the important times in life.  Memories that make us smile about our loved ones and moments we will cherish and never forget.

Although, I do hope Frankie is not still cleaning the pool in his underwear at 75 and talking to the neighbours like it is normal!

Denai xx

Frankie with clothes on 

Frankie with clothes on