Cancer Face

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It has been a tough few weeks in the Kulcsar household!

It all started when Frankie become unwell and has not really left the house for 6 weeks.  He has been too sick to work so as a result I have had to oversee his business, my own business, the kids and run the house.  Needless to say by the end of the day I look like a “fraggle rock” cartoon character - very scary!!! 

I could have coped with the above but then of course I went for my 8 week skin check up, my doctor did more biopsies and sadly they came back not so good. They found several skin cancers on my face and I had to have more surgery to remove a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) from my left shoulder. Thank goodness the shoulder was only a BCC and not a melanoma like the last one on my leg.

My doctor decided with the number of skin cancers on my face it was time to start a topical chemotherapy treatment cream.

The chemo cream has to be applied for a two week period and I finished it on Father’s Day.  I was told it was extremely painful and to only do small sections of my face at a time, otherwise I could end up in hospital on morphine.

Well let me tell you.... I am so happy I listened and only started with my nose area and a small part of my forehead.  I didn't feel well at all, the last few days of the treatment my nose felt like it was on fire the pain was terrible – not so pretty to look at either.  I was nauseated and just felt unwell with an ugly, scabby, itchy, bright red very sore nose.  It actually felt like ants were crawling all over my nose and biting it.

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Fathers Day is not a great day for me anymore, it was my second without Dad.  I sent Frankie and the boys off to play golf as I thought a good dose of Vitamin D and fresh air would be good for Frankie.  I could curl up on the sofa and miss my dad in private.  Sienna and I had fish & chips for lunch in honour of dad - he loved fish and chips.

So as you can see our house has been a little upside down lately which I am sure you can all relate to at some point in your life.  I just keep thinking it is not forever and not life threatening and could be worse – this will all pass. 

In life there are so many humps in the road but it is how we deal with it and move forward that matters.

I was always taught growing up, turn a negative into a positive.  Even though over the past few weeks to be honest I have felt a little sorry for myself. 

I have decided to take on the attitude tomorrow is a new day. Life is like a board game and it is about the next move we make.  Slow down, take time to think, rest our bodies and the right decisions will be made.  We move at such a fast pace and sometimes forget about our own physical well being.

Denai xx

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