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I was driving past Sydney University a few weeks ago to take the kids to school sport and Sienna wanted to know what the big Church was?

I explained to her that it was actually one of our biggest universities.  We then drove past RPA (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) which the kids know very well.  This is where Dad spent 10 years having Chemotherapy and staying alive.

It sounds weird but I do have comfort in driving past RPA.  Part of me wishes I could still go there,  this would mean Dad would be alive. 

When he was at RPA I always parked in the maternity section.  At least I could walk through and see all the happy families and new born babies.  Being a mum myself, this made me feel happy especially as I was on my way to the haematology ward which was a very sad place to be.

I explained to the kids it was great having the hospital so close to the university. This allowed the medical student’s access to the patients and doctors which helped them with their studies and research.

Over the 10 years Dad had many students come in and interview him.  They would do their assignments on him and sometimes just spent time sitting and chatting. He was always easy to talk too and would be happy to help them in any way he could.

The most interesting assignment done on him in the 10 years was about his dog Coco!!  The students were blown away by the information Dad gave them about her.

Coco was Dads pet Jack Russell and she just adored him.  Yes, he was a farmer and always had Kelpies but we adopted Coco from the pound when Noah was born.  Straight away she fell in love with Dad and vice versa.

No other dog had been allowed inside our home, Coco was the first.  She always sat on Dads lap. Her bed was beside his chair and when the ute left the drive she would be in it thinking she was a sheep dog.

Dad was diagnosed with Leukaemia three times and passed away the fourth time.  The interesting thing was, Coco knew and would tell dad before the doctors did.

Coco would lick dad constantly and run in circles around him – as though she was trying to tell him something.  The first time this happened we had no idea what she was doing. The second and third time this happened we knew something was wrong.  Dad went straight to the doctor and said "I think my leukaemia is back"?  Sure enough it was.

When Dad explained this to the Uni students they were amazed!!  They did studies on it, explained to Dad that his smell and skin obviously started to taste different with the toxins of the disease and Coco knew something was wrong.

She was such a clever dog.  Dad just adored her and we will be forever grateful that she diagnosed Dad so early each time and alerted him to go to the doctor. 

Thank goodness Dad trusted her, listened and went to the doctor and had his check ups!

We love you Coco.

Denai xx

Family and our beloved Coco...

Family and our beloved Coco...